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Housekeeper Jobs

For people interested in hospitality related careers, housekeeping is a very popular and interesting career path. Housekeeping allows a wide range of choice as far as where to take the career, as there are many different options available. Housekeepers work in a number of areas, including hospitals, hotels, conference areas, assisted living locations, college and university dorm buildings, and some even work in private homes.

Housekeepers often work their way up, and begin as a room cleaner or other sort of attendant. In large businesses, there are often a team of such workers, and often a housekeeper or small group of housekeepers is in charge of the rest of the cleaning and hospitality staff to make sure everything is in order and running smoothly. Some of the general duties of a housekeeper include maintaining exceptional cleanliness in every room of the building, and making sure every area of the building is up to standard, being in charge of the other staff to ensure quality work performance, keeping track of cleaning and other supplies, and making sure everything is well stocked, basic paperwork in overseeing the rooms, keeping and maintaining a budget while keeping costs low, ensuring the company is meeting health and safety codes, in dealing with room decor and cleaning supplies, especially, and assisting with lost property.

Housekeeper oversee the other cleaners that are working under them to make sure the entire staff is doing their job and not missing any areas in cleaning and maintenance. They are also in charge of checking to make sure everything is working properly and running efficiently. The duties of a housekeeper vary greatly based on the size of the business or establishment he or she is working for. For example, in very large hotels and other establishments, the housekeeper likely is part of a large group of supervisors and overseers that are checking the work of the cleaners to ensure high quality performance. However, in smaller hotels and other small establishments, there may be only one or two housekeepers that are overseeing performance, and in such instances, the housekeepers likely take in a significant portion of the cleaning themselves.

For housekeepers that work in private homes, there are a variety of tasks that might be completed, though ultimately the jobs will be handed out by the person or family that lives in the home. Possible tasks may include laundry, ironing, vacuuming, mopping, and other cleaning. The housekeeper may be in charge of cooking, washing dishes, and looking after the children, among other tasks, too, though some houses hire separate staff to do such things.

Work Hours For Housekeeper Jobs

Because housekeepers, especially ones in hotels and conference areas, are required to do work around the schedules of the business's clients, it is not uncommon for housekeepers to have unusual hours. For example, many housekeepers may start their day unusually early so they can clean hotel rooms before guests check in for the evening, though they are likely also done early. Often, housekeepers can have job flexibility and work a second part time job, or only work during the holidays as a way to make extra income. Most housekeepers are required to wear a uniform of some sort.

Salaries For Housekeeper Jobs

Housekeeper salaries also vary greatly depending on the size of the establishment one works in. For example, at very small establishments, housekeepers likely will see a salary around 12,500, though the average salary for a housekeeper is 18,000. There is a great degree of room for advancement, however, especially in large hotels, and head housekeepers in large London hotels can look towards around 40,000 a year.

Those interested in housekeeping must be very detail oriented to make sure that they spot any overlooked area when cleaning up. They should also be good leaders, and able to work well on their own or with others. They need to be able to think quickly and find solutions to problems, and work with a wide variety of people. They should be interested in being well organized and providing high standards of service.

Large cities, especially London, are great places to find jobs, though housekeeping jobs exist all over the UK. Often, housekeepers need little to know extra qualifications to get a housekeeping job, though head jobs and jobs in well established hotels will likely need a few years of experience at least. Some people seek a degree in a form of hospitality as a way to give them a competitive edge, and to also have more experience in the area before starting a new job. Some people also take training classes and similar basic education to gain a foundation of knowledge. Housekeepers undergo some level of training before beginning on their own, to ensure safe practices of cleaning supplies. Most housekeepers are able to advance fairly easily after working in one establishment for a while.